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Plan Adventure Travel Trips

Tips for Planning Trips will help you define your personal adventure travel style and decide the types of trips that might fit your dream list. Here's where to go when you're looking for specific information about planning your vacations,a list of gear and supplies for adventurous trips, and companies that offer the trips you dream about taking.
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8 Things Not to Do When Choosing Adventure Travel Trips
Here are eight things you don't want to do when choosing an adventure travel vacation.

Solo Travel - Tips to Find Trips & Cruises
If you're a solo traveler, here are companies, cruise lines and Web sites with lots of information and advice for people who like to travel solo, and singles looking for trips where they can meet others.

Zicasso Travel Agents Customize Vacations for Adventurous Travelers
Zicasso matches travelers with travel agents who specialize in the custom trips to locations you want to visit, and activities you want to experience.

Find Private International Tour Guides
Private tour guides take you where the locals go, can help you avoid long lines at tourist attractions, and give you the best routes for adventurous hikes and bike trips.

8 Photography Tours & Lots of Workshops Around the World
Photography tours and photo workshops where travelers can enhance photo skills and see the world.

Want Your Passport Faster? Get It Expedited!
Want your passport faster? Here's how to get your passport application expedited, when you need that document so critical to traveling abroad in a hurry?

Adventure Travel Trends in 2010
2010 saw a number of exciting adventure travel trends. Here they are, and here's how you can take advantage of them for savings and extra value when booking adventure travel trips in 2011. Some of the trends include engaging with local people and cultures, using eco-lodges as a base for adventures, and visiting exotic countries such as Turkey,...

Adventure Travel Contests, Sweepstakes & Giveaways
Adventure travel contests and sweepstakes are a route used by many adventure travel companies, and companies that make adventure travel gear, to get you visit their Web sites. Almost every week or two, a new contest or sweepstakes giving the winner a free trip or gear that can be used during adventures, pops up on the Web. Here's where to find...

Walking Seminars With Context Travel Are In-Depth Experiences
Context Travel walking seminars in 21 cities are for intellectually curious travelers.

Best Adventure Travel Companies
These top adventure travel companies offer interesting adventure travel trips. Each company's website lists specific adventure travel trips, with detailed itineraries, pricing and images that give a taste of the adventures waiting for you.

Vail Lodging Review: Solaris Residences Vail
Review of Vail, Colorado, lodging for skiers. This luxurious property deserves five stars for its stunning residences and quality of service.

Events With Free Demo Days & Free Equipment Maintenance Clinics
Equipment suppliers, from bicycle companies to ski and snowboard manufacturers like people to test their equipment - and hopefully like it so much they will buy it. Here's where to find fdree equipment demos and free equipment maintenance clinics.

Photo Tips for Action & Adventure Travel From Olympus Visiona…
Here are terrific photo tips for adventure travelers and anyone else who wants to come home from a trip with spectacular photographs. The tips come from photographer Jay Kinghorn, a member of the Olympus Visionary program that celebrates the work of 11 talented still photographers who shoot exclusively with Olympus E-System cameras and lenses. Follow his advice and your friends will be amazed at …

Hike, Bike and Go Horseback Riding Free on Public Lands
If you're looking for public lands where you can hike, bike and go horseback riding without pay an entrance free, there are millions of acres of land managed by the Federal and state governments waiting for you. On these lands, all you need is a pair of hiking shoes or a bike (or your own horse), a packed lunch and drinking water to enjoy a day exploring the wilderness.

Review: 101 Tips for Women Travelers
Review of free 101 Tips for Women Travelers book filled with advice from many well-traveled women. Even experienced women (and men) travelers can pick up a travel tip or two.

Extreme Sports for Uber Athletes & Weekend Warriors
If you're an extreme sports junkie,here's where you can find top extreme sports videos and places where you can enjoy them yourself.

Find Free Adventure Travel Tips
Packaged and custom adventure travel trips with tour operators aren't free, of course, but there are lots of adventures you can enjoy and sample for free. Here are tips and ideas about where to hike, bike and even ski without paying park entrance fees or for lift tickets. Looking for an event or store where you can demo sports equipment free? Would you like to know how to snag a free trip?

How to Choose an Adventure Travel Company
Find Adventure travel companies - Adventure travel is trendy, but not all companies offering such vacations have experience running these types of trips. Here are tips for choosing a reputable tour operator or outfitter, plus information about some experienced companies who are offering innovative trips.

What is Adventure Travel
Adventure travel - Adventure travel encourages you to stretch your mind or your body- often both - while having a great time. It doesn't matter if you are hiking up a mountain, swimming with dolphins or floating over an African veld in a hot air balloon. What counts is the new ways you see the world, make friends in foreign places and how you are pursuing your own definition of adventure travel.

Purchase a Travel Package or Plan Your Own Trip?
Should you purchase a travel vacation package or take the time to plan your own trip. Consider these differences between purchasing a travel package and planning the adventure travel trip yourself - then decide which route is best for you.

Adventure Travel - How Adventurous are You?
Is adventure travel for you? Before booking an adventure travel trip or vacation, here are some points to consider when deciding the amount and style of adventure you'll really enjoy and can handle.

Luggage Limits - Airline Baggage Allowances
Luggage Limits is a free search tool for flight-specific information about baggage allowances and fees. On this Web site, you simply put in airline, the name of the airport you are leaving from and your destination airport, then click.

10 Tips to Find National Park Lodging When Rooms Are Scarce
America's national parks are wonderful playgrounds for adventure travelers but finding national park lodging during the summer can be difficult. Here are tips for reserving national park lodging in rooms or cabins, if you want to hike through the hoodoos at Bryce, go rock climbing at Zion, hike past geysers at Yellowstone, or seek adventures in...

Tips to Take Great Adventure Travel Photos in the Winter
Unhappy with the winter photos you took of ice climbers, a dog-sled ride or snowmobilers during your vacation because the sense of adventure doesn't come through in the images? Read these eight tips for taking cold-weather pictures of adventure travel from Olympus visionary Jay Kinghorn, a rock climber, runner and co-author of Perfect Digital Photography and an Adobe Photoshop Certified Expert.

Find Free Language Lessons Before Heading to Remote Areas or Big Cities
Free language lessons are a great route for learning “hello,” “goodbye,” “where’s the bathroom?” or other important phrases, whether you’re visiting towns in countries where locals have never heard English or major cities. Visit Free Language Lessons for a list of companies that offer language lessons for free.

Can You Survive Wilderness Survival School?
Why are an so many people who like to hike, bike and explore remote outdoor areas signing up for courses at wilderness survival schools? The slogan on the Wilderness Learning Center’s home page, is one answer. 'Your chances of surviving are directly proportionate to how much knowledge you carry in your head and not how many gadgets you carry.'

Tips to Choose the Right Wilderness Survival School For You
If you're going to take a course at a wilderness survival school, be picky about the wilderness survival school you choose. Here are some tips and questions to help you decide if this is the best wilderness survival school for you.

Free Tips for Learning Languages
Looking for free language learning tips? Shirish Nadkarni, CEO of Livemocha, a website that offers free language lessons from native speakers, offers tips for brushing up on your language skills before traveling internationally.

Customs and culture guides give you local customs, hand gestures and ways...
Customs and culture guides give you information about customs, hand gestures and ways to greet locals before you travel to foreign countries.

Adventure travel off the beaten path with Intrepid Travel
Intrepid Travel is a niche adventure travel company that focuses on taking travelers off the beaten track in Asia

Track Your World Travels With Maps From Maps.com
Maps.com bills itself as the world’s largest map store - and the selection of maps, guidebooks, globes and map accessories is astonishing.

Earth Day & National Parks Weeks Offer Outdoor Activities & Events
The Earth Day theme - Walk, Bike, Row to an Earth Day Event Around the World - exemplifies ways to have fun yet help the environment. Earth Day is always April 22, but it's Tuesday in 2008. If you can t play hooky, there are lots of Earth Day activities and trips on surrounding weekends. Earth Day promotes awareness of environmental issues...

Get Human -- A Website Telling You How to Reach a Human in Customer Service
Get Human is a website loaded with specific directions when calling to reach human beings in customer service at hundreds of places ranging from travel companies and airlines to phone, car and insurance companies.

It's Easy Services Has a Help Desk at JFK Airport to Expedite Passports
Dropped your passport in a mailbox with those letters you had to get out before leaving for Paris? Don’t laugh. I saw it happen. If you’re at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York, go to the It’s Easy Service 24/7 desk. It’s where you’ll find last-minute help for lost, expired or stolen passports.

Hotels Offering Discounted Packages With Adventurous Experiences
Here are routes for searching out bargain packages and deals at resorts and hotels for adventure travel (and more sedate) – vacations.

Deals and Discounts at Ski and Summer Mountain Resorts
Mountain resorts are great places to beat the urban heat in the summertime and enjoy winter sports in the wintertime. Here are routes for searching out bargains for adventure travel (and more sedate) – vacations in the high country.

Check Out Auction Sites When Seeking Deals and Discounts for Adventure Travel
If your travel dates are flexible, check out these auction sites for deals and discounts on adventure travel (and more sedate) – vacations.

Tour Operators and Resort Properties Offer Discounted Trips
Here are some links to tour operators and resorts to find bargains for adventure travel (and more sedate) – vacations.

Define Your Sense of Adventure
Defining one's personal adventure style, whether it's choosing physical activities such as biking and hiking, or choosing trips to exotic countries.

Travel with Photocopies of Your Passport and Credit Cards
Always travel with photocopies of your passport, credit cards, driver's license, health insurance information and otherimportant travel documents. If your purse or wallet is stolen, it's easier to replace everything if you have photocopies of the originals that show the passport and card numbers.

The Latest Info for Flyers on What's Allowed in Carry-on Bags
Here's an update on the new rules because the Transportation Security Administration is now allowing you to carry some gels and liquids in your carry-on plane bag. Plus, details on where to get continually updated info.

TSA Approved Locks Keeps Suitcases Closed But Not Always Secure
TSA approved locks will keep your suitcase closed as it works its way through the baggage system when you're taking a flight. The Transportation Security Administration guards have the keys to open them, if they want to look inside.

Advice About New Carry-on Bag Rules for Adventure Travelers
With the new rules for flyers who take carry-on baggage changing so rapidly because of the elevated terrorist alert, here's some advice from tour operators with upcoming adventure travel trips and vacations.

Unusual Lodging Choices - Unusual Lodging Places to Stay
Have you every spent the night in cave, had to scuba dive to your room or dodged monkeys while climbing to a tree house? Tell the rest of us about the most unusual lodges and styles of accommodations you have stayed in while vacationing.

Donate Old Gear to Homeless Gear & Help Keep the Homeless War…
Homeless Gear is run by active sports lovers who collect old gear and distribute it to the homeless. Have you upgraded tents to sleeping bags and have an attic or garage stuffed with old gear? The homeless man, woman or family you may have seen lying under thin blankets as you walked by on a cold day could be a lot warmer wearing that old jacket...

Instant Chat Translator - Ortsbo Is Free Instant Chat Translator

Free Online Language Courses - Free Language Lessons
Links to free online language courses are easy to find at this language resources Web site. Here you'll find links to courses in dozens of languages. Some offer key words for tourists, while others are designed to to make a student fluent in the language. The wide range of languages can be especially helpful to adventure travelers who are going...

Try Hostels for Budget Adventure Travel
Hostels are a boon to adventure travelers on a budget. Don't think you must sleep in a dorm room bunk and a share a bath. You can, but you can also rent a private room with private bath. Here's where to find 25,000 hostels around the world.

Pack For a Purpose - Pack Supplies in Your Suitcase to Help Kids Worldwide
Pack your suitcase for a purpose, with anything from school and medical supplies to deflated soccer balls that will make a big impact on the lives of children around the world. It's an easy way for adventure travelers to give back to communities they are visiting.

Flash Sales on Adrenaline-Charged Activities & Adventure Trips
This flash-sale Web site focuses on adventure getaways and one-of-a-kind outdoor activities in major U.S. cities.

Free Walking Tours in Paris, New York, London, San Francisco & Other Cities
Why would you pay for a walking tour if there's a free tour when exploring a new city. From Paris and Amsterdam to New York City and San Francisco, qualified guides offer fun and interesting tours just for tips.

Top Types of Adventure Travel - Best Adventure Travel Types
Share your favorite types of adventure travel with the rest of us at www.adventuretravel.about.com

A Stolen Wallet or Purse Sets You Up for Identity Theft
Your wallet was stolen but you have identity theft protection. A single call lets ProtectMyID call your credit card companies and monitor the Internet for other illegal uses of your identity.

Riptours.com - New Adventure Travel Web Site to Book Tours
Riptours adventure travel search engine lets you find and compare trips anywhere in the world.

Adventure Travel - Trip Deals, Discounts and Bargains
Here are great sources for trip deals, discounts and bargains for adventure travelers. Of you are looking for last-minute deals, discounts or bargains for your next trip, Adventure Travel has got you covered.

Use Airline Miles for Adventure Travel Trips
Have enough airline miles for a free trip but can't find award seats on flights? These companies will find them and send you on your adventure trip.

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