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About Hiking: Advice, Gear and Tips
From how to dress for hiking and what to carry, to where and when to go, we cover everything you need to know about going out for a hike.
Catalina Island Hiking - California Travel - About.com
Day hike permits are free and available from the Catalina Conservancy at 125 Claressa Avenue, where they also sell trail maps. They're also available at the ...
Hiking Basics for Beginners - Categories and Links - About Hiking
Your feet are at the heart of every hike -- keeping them happy means the rest of you will be happy, too. That starts with choosing the right hiking boots and shoes.
How to Start Hiking - About Hiking
Hiking is as simple as putting one foot in front of the other. That's a big part of its ... Wear your boots a few times before your first hike to break them in. Carry a ...
Best GPS Devices for Hiking - Review - About.com
Here are the top five handheld GPS devices for hiking and backpacking from Garmin, Magellan, DeLorme, and more.
How to Hike Alone - Prepare for Safety - About Hiking
Even if they don't know what else to do, the others in your party can hold your hand and buoy your spirits while somebody else hikes out to signal for help.
Hiking for Beginners - Walking - About.com
Jun 3, 2014 ... How to hike. How to tackle off-road walking on natural trails.
4 Things to Know About Night Hikes - Be Prepared - About Hiking
If you've ever stayed out too late on a hike -- whether accidentally or on purpose - - you already know that hiking at night is a completely different experience from ...
Learn the Basics of Night Hiking - Safety and Fun - About Hiking
A night hike lets you experience familiar trails in a whole different way and engages more of your senses. Here some basic tips for how to go on a night hike.
Essential Hiking Gear Every Beginner Needs - About Hiking
No matter what kind of hiker you are -- obsessive overpacker or ultralight -- you won't get far without these four essentials.
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