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Top 30 Adventure Travel Companies

Visiting Bhutan with G Adventures

These top 30 adventure travel companies offer an eclectic array of trips. Biking in Morocco, hiking the Inca Trail in Peru and rafting through the Grand Canyon are just a brief sampling.

Adventures Around the World
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Adventure and Outdoor Travel

Which Company Takes the Most Rafters on Whitewater in the West?

Monday February 24, 2014

Rafting  through the Grand Canyon

Who can take you rafting through the Grand Canyon, stopping for hikes in fern glens along the way? Would you rather take the kids on a milder river trip and show them outlaw hideouts and dinosaur tracks? This company offers these trips and more on the Colorado, the Salmon, the Green and other western rivers.

Photo courtesy of Western River Expeditions

Bungy Jumping, Swimming With Dolphins & Skiing Glaciers Down Under

Sunday February 23, 2014

Bungy jumping in New Zealand

I loved jet boating in Shotover Gorge and crawling into ice caves when skiing down the Tasman Glacier. Friends tell me that bungy jumping off a bridge in Queenstown and biking on New Zealand's national cycling trail are just as much fun. Here's a collection of the top 10 Adventures in New Zealand that I've gathered from folks who live in this country.

Photo courtesy of Tourism New Zealand

8 Great Excuses to Travel to Exotic Locales

Friday February 21, 2014

Great Wall of China

Some of the most fascinating locales in the world are on the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list.

A lot of travelers wrap vacations around visiting at least one, and often several, World Heritage Sites in a country. If you don't want to do the planning, many of these adventure travel companies already have vacations that include visits to see animals that only live in the Galapagos Islands to the Great Wall of China.

Photo: 2011 Lois Friedland

How to Name Your Own Price for a Multisport Vacation

Tuesday February 18, 2014

Hang gliding with Bonvoy Adventure Travel

The multisport trips with this company include a mix of activities, from rock climbing and mountain biking to caving, ATV riding and whitewater rafting. The company also has a novel pricing option for several of its vacations. On certain multisport trips in the United States you can set your price, after the hard costs of the trip have been met.

Photo courtesy of Bonvoy Adventure Travel

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